This library is brought to you by Marugata, an online marketing team from Estonia working side by side with the Journey. Just like you, we’re seeking the truth in everything we do. Our goal is to create the best learning experiences for you and support you in your inner Journey. Since starting 4 years ago, the Journey has become a part of our everyday life, at work and at home—and we love bringing you new ways of interacting with Brandon and the Journey online.

What we do

We create and manage all the online platforms for the Journey and ensure that you're able to access the Journey tools no matter where you are in the world. All you need is a computer—and our job is to make your online experience with the Journey as effortless, pleasant, and smooth as possible.

Who we are


Marjam Vaher, CEO and co-founder

Marjam is a great example of a businesswoman and a supermom combined in one person. She’s wisely juggling through her days growing her business and growing her two sons. She takes care of all the creative solutions and big ideas in Marugata. If she is not listening to another audio book about online marketing or educating her sons, you might find her singing and chanting. (you should hear her voice!)

Rene Pall, co-founder and CTO

Rene is our IT magician, who makes sure that everything is effortlessly running from the IT side. He ensures that the online programs don’t crash during your meditation and that the websites are looking pretty. As much as he loves his computer, he loves to play with his little daughter and sing in a choir even more (yes, you heard it right). Oh, and also—basketball is his thing.


Lauri Pihkva, Customer Support

If you ever have a question about anything, you might just want to write to Lauri—because he has all the answers. He doesn’t receive only emails about how to find a forgotten password or sign up for the online events… he gets tons of love letters. That’s how much people like him! And they are totally right—he is just exceptionally good at what he does. Besides the love letters, Lauri is a keen sportsman. You really don’t want to challenge him in cycling or doing push-ups.


Kaupo Suviste, Project Assistant

Kaupo is a keeper; one of those people that every team needs and cannot live without. He is a man with multiple talents: he makes sure that our systems are up and running, that all of you are informed about upcoming events, and that you have the best possible learning experience. Kaupo is confined to a wheelchair in a tiny little town in Estonia and his job is his only connection with the big wide world—and he loves it more than you know.


Ly Aunapu, Project Manager

Ly brings her huge loving soul into everything she does and adds a spark of positivity into every interaction with you. She should be known as a Community Angel, as she pours her heart and soul into managing our Community Sites, Facebook pages and pretty much everything else that needs some love and care. Oh, and she doesn't like offices—she works from anywhere that her laptop is.

What others say about us


“I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of working side-by-side with the Marugata team. Each and every member has been supportive, creative, upbeat, and fully encouraging as we have developed and created wonderful marketing opportunities together. The Marugata team gets the job done professionally, energetically, and effortlessly.

I highly recommend this group of beautiful, conscious people in any project that I undertake now and in the future.”

Bet Diening-Weatherston, Canada
Facilitator for The Journey & Visionary Leadership
Coach for Radical Healing Journey



“Reliable, friendly, careful in the details, nice and beautiful feminine quality, clarity.”
Yuki Usui, Journey Practitioner from Japan


“Marugata responds very quickly to any technical difficulties with a solution. Easy to work with and very efficient.”
Deborah Crkovnik, Journey Practitioner from Australia


“So willing, nothing is too much trouble, such rapid reliable responses that make you trust that they know what they’re doing. Top class.  Utterly available.”
Lisa McCorrie, Journey Practitioner from UK



“They have a high sense of professionalism which comes across with integrity, reliability and expertise.

Their internet know-how and marketing skills are exemplary and I have found that they have been able to patiently and skillfully iron out any problems and come up with creative solutions.

They really stand out in this field and I have been pleasantly surprised by the ease, efficiency and support shown at all times.”

Sharon Turton, Journey Practitioner from Australia